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Every time I take the time to write one of these I outdate it before I can manage to edit and post it, then I end up distracted by the next list item and my /writing folder grows with another outdated piece. There has been a lot going on to get here, but in an effort to prevent eye bleed caused by excessive nerding I will stick to what is on the horizon.

New Back-End Server

.Press crunches a lot of data and that heavy lifting has been done a dev box. The code has been optimized to support more crypto currencies then exist today and it is finally time to graduate CP to dedicated hardware. I am testing the new systems now and hope to roll them out without any noticeable downtime. As a user, you will start to notice more coins being added after all of this is up and working properly and in combination with the new front end server, there should be no more service hiccups.

New Front End Server

Like the back end server, the front end is getting its own shiny box that is has burst options and instant scaling if(when) the great crypto-mooning happens. Prophecy aside, the new front end should make for a much more smooth experience when using the site and the app.

More Sources

More sources on the horizon! As we continue to add more currencies we are continually refining our sources as well which is a combination of a spider, user suggestions, and new sites I happen to catch. This system has a lot of work, but is being built to be tied into the blockchain enabling a trustless portal to gather and disseminate information.

Support for More Crypto Currencies

Currently Crypto.Press supports just over 100 different crypto currencies. This was a snapshot when the project first started and was always meant to be temporary. With new code and the new server, we're in a position to offer all of the great information Crypto.Press offers today about every majorly traded coin in the exchanges that we cover (also expanding).

Support for More Exchanges

Today, Crypto.press supports 7 exchanges, we'll be expanding that to 20 soon and then continually more as crypto currencies continually spread throughout the world. There seem to be many more local exchanges opening up all around and we've added a crypto currency business review section in which we'll be creating a highly searchable, responsive, business directory for crypto enthusiasts that will extend beyond exchanges.

More UI Improvements:

The Crypto.Press UI is a very long work in progress, some pieces work really well, others don't really work at all. The next UI updates will see much more uniformity between general navigation and news navigation. The intent is to get the UI ready for the wider world as we are getting ready to announce Crypto.Press to a larger audience.

Collision Conference:

Speaking of that larger audience we manage to get ourselves invited to one of the largest tech conferences this year, Collision Conference! Crypto.Press Was invited to join the ALPHA program and will be exhibiting in the FinTec area in the beginning of May! There will be an official announcement with more details, a key signing party, and hopefully some broadcasting of the event as we aim to engage the larger tech world from a crypto-centric philosophy. We are VERY excited about this, if you are going to be in the New Orleans Area in May and are interested in a key signing party, let us know!

Premium Version:

In the works is a version of Crypto.Press that will enable the average crypto trader to be.. well more than average :). Crypto.Press Premium will feature near real-time updates, subscribable pricing alerts (via push notification thru the app), curate-able news feeds, and much more detailed and drawable charts for all crypto's. Have your signals delivered by one of the most robust resources of crypto information that exists in the crypto world and trade like a pro. This is still in development and requires a bit more expansion of the system.

More information!

As everything else expands so does the base of information, we will be adding more and more sources daily as well as constantly researching and generating better ways to display and disseminate information to you as efficiently as possible.
2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for crypto as there is tremendous traction on multiple fronts, Crypto.Press looks forward to being an impartial and dedicated source of information for all your crypto news in 2017 and beyond! If you have any comments please reach out, we love feedback!

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