Windows 10 Is Getting More Customization Options

If you like jazzing up your copy of to better suit you, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming update for the operating system. The latest preview build for Windows 10 has introduced a smattering of colorful features to help you your computer better.

What’s New in the Windows 10 Insider Build

Windows Latest caught wind of the update and explored all the different ways you can tweak the operating system.

First up, Windows 10 can soon use Windows Spotlight to display beautiful photos on your desktop wallpaper. Currently, Windows Spotlight can only be used on the lock screen and Bing homepage. You’ll already know how this works if Windows 10 shows you a new photo every day before you log in—that’s Windows Spotlight in action.

Not only will this update let you use the daily photo as your wallpaper, but a little button called “learn about this picture” will appear at the bottom right. You can click it to see more information about the photo, which is handy if one particular image catches your eye.

If you’re not keen on having Windows show you a new photo on your desktop, don’t worry. It’s entirely optional and you need to manually set up Windows 10 to show you Spotlight images in the first place.

The update will also bring some fancy options to the touch keyboard. You can change the color and opacity of the keyboard to better suit your needs if you’re on a touchscreen device.

Finally, the update will add a new customization feature called “Device Usage.” This one isn’t a visual change like the above two, but it will help people find the right programs to achieve what they want from their computer.

In the Device Usage window, users can toggle options relating to what they want their PC to do. For instance, there’s a “Gaming” option for people who want the cutting edge of video game technology. The “Creative” option is for those who are writing or editing images, and “Business” is for getting work done.

When the user toggles one of these options on, Windows 10 will begin recommending them apps and programs to enhance their experience. If this sounds more like a pain than a benefit, you can turn off this feature and use your PC as you like.

Making Your Copy of Windows 10 Truly Yours

If you like tweaking your copy of Windows 10 to better reflect who you are, you’ll be interested in the upcoming update for the operating system. We don’t have an exact release date yet, but it should come out soon.

If you can’t wait, there are still plenty of ways you can customize Windows 10 right now. From using themes to downloading Rainmeter, you can truly make Windows 10 yours.

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