Windows 11 bring divisive new feature to Notepad

11 could jazz up by adding tabs into the mix, at least if a leak from a test version of the app is anything to go by – although not everyone is happy about this idea (we'll come back to that point).

Windows Central spotted a tweet from a Microsoft staff member which mentioned tabs coming to Notepad and displayed a screenshot of the preview version of the application showing tabs in action.

That screen grab came with a clear warning to not discuss the new features or take screenshots – so as you might imagine, when Twitter picked up on the leak, the tweet was swiftly deleted.

It's no great surprise to see the presence of tabs further expanded in Windows 11, considering that they recently came to File Explorer. For those who could use a quick refresher on exactly what tabs are and how they work, the tabs in File Explorer, or indeed Notepad, are just the same as the ones in your web browser.

They allow you to open multiple web pages in the same browser window, and similarly in File Explorer, enable the opening of many folders in the same window. With Notepad, you'll be able to open multiple documents in one instance of the app.

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