5 Informative Security Podcasts to Listen To

Cyber is a complex area of . With technology evolving faster and faster every year, new methods of cyber attacks are being invented, and new cyber methods are being formulated to counter them. Despite the vast information on cyber available on the internet, it’s hard to catch up with the latest news and trends without the help of cyber experts. That’s why experts create cyber : to help practitioners keep up to date with the latest cyber security news.

If you’re looking for a cyber security podcast to to, you should to these five best podcasts available on the internet:

1. The Unsupervised Learning Podcast

Hosted by security expert and writer Daniel Miessler, The Unsupervised Learning Podcast provides the latest happenings in the cyber security industry every week.

Miessler collects the latest information on cyber security techniques and key persons in the cyber security world and delivers it in a short but thought-provoking manner for his audiences. He also has a huge archive of internet security podcasts that you can revisit.

2. Security Now!

If you’re looking for an internet security podcast that discusses personal security and big in cyber security, then “Security Now!” is a podcast you shouldn’t miss.

Security Now! is a two-hour long weekly internet security podcast hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. The two cyber security experts discuss major cyber security breaches and take you to the heart of the matter. They also offer valuable advice on personal security.

3. The SurfWatch Cyber Chat

Handled by SurfWatch Labs team, The SurfWatch Cyber Chat is a weekly security podcast that is interactive and fun to watch. This internet security podcast aims to support businesses with their cyber risk profiles and how they can improve businesses’ cyber security.

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They also have a Q&A segment with cyber security experts, which makes their podcasts entertaining and helpful for audiences.

4. Security Insider

Hosted by Townsend Security founder Patrick Townsend, Security Insider talks about the most recent advances in cyber and security affecting different industries today.

This cyber security podcast also delivers the latest happenings in industry regulations, cyber security compliances, and cyber security trends.

5. Off the Hook

Off the Hook is one of the best hacking podcasts available on the internet today. This cyber security podcast takes a ’s point-of-view on cyber security and the growing cyber threat landscape. You can also get the latest news on the community here.

Broadcasting weekly, Off the Hook is hosted by Emmanuel Goldstein, a big personality in the hacking community and editor of the book, “The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey.”

Final Note

As businesses and consumers spend more time on the internet, the need for better and stronger cyber security grows. These expert-led cyber security podcast helps fulfill the growing demand for better security by keeping cyber security experts and practitioners up to date on the latest happenings in their industry. If you’re a cyber security practitioner, then you shouldn’t miss these informative cyber security podcasts.

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