Action required! Exim mail servers need urgent patching

Researchers have discovered another dangerous security hole hiding in recent, unpatched versions of the popular server, Exim.

Uncovered in May 2019 by security company Qualys, the flaw (CVE-2019-10149) affects Exim versions 4.87 to 4.91 inclusive running on several Linux distros, the latter released as far back as 15 April 2018. The next release, version 4.92, fixed the problem on 10 February 2019 although that wasn't realised by the software's maintainers at the time.

The low down: anyone still running a version from April 2016 to earlier this year will be vulnerable. Versions before that might also be vulnerable if EXPERIMENTAL_EVENT is enabled manually, Qualys's advisory warns.

The issue is described as an RCE, which in this case stands for Remote Command Execution, not to be confused with the more often-cited Remote Code Execution.

As the term implies, what that means is that an attacker could remotely execute arbitrary commands on a target system without having to upload malicious software.

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