GitHub launches Security Lab to boost open source security

When it comes to open source software , nobody could accuse Microsoft-owned development platform of not thinking big when it came up with the idea for Security .

Launched last week at its GitHub Universe developer conference, the idea sounds simple enough – create a global platform for reporting and fixing security vulnerabilities in open source projects before they do serious damage.

It sounds so obvious, it’s surprising that nobody’s thought of it before. That might have something to do with the size of the job, admitted GitHub’s vice president of security product management in Security Lab’s launch blog:

Securing the world’s open source software is a daunting task.

The JavaScript ecosystem alone encompasses more than a million projects, not helped by the dauting 500:1 ratio of developers to security experts with the knowledge of how to fix things.

Lots of developers crank out vulnerable code, leaving a tiny clean-up squad to pick up the mess of a problem that sprawls across thousands of companies.


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