Google launches new Chrome protection from bad URLs

Google on Tuesday launched two new security features to protect Chrome users from deceptive sites: an extension that offers an easy way to report suspicious sites, and a new warning to flag sites with deceptive .

Emily Schechter, Chrome Product Manager, said in a post on Google’s security blog that Google’s Safe Browsing, which has been protecting Chrome users from phishing attacks for over 10 years, is now helping to protect more than four billion devices across multiple browsers and apps by showing warnings to before they visit sites or download files.

The new extension, called the Suspicious Site Reporter, is going to help even more, she said, as it gives users an easy way to report suspicious sites to Google Safe Browsing.

Safe Browsing works by automatically analyzing sites that Google knows about through Google Search’s web crawlers, and the more dangerous or deceptive sites that it knows about, the more users it can protect, Schecter said.

Users who install the extension, which is available now on the Chrome web store, will see an icon when they’re on a potentially dangerous site. It will give a list of reasons regarding why it’s considered suspicious. In the example Google provided, sample reasons are that the domain uses uncommon characters (which could be a sign of typosquatting), that the site isn’t listed in the top 5,000 sites, and that the user hasn’t visited the site in the past three months.

Clicking on “Send Report” allows users to report unsafe sites to Safe Browsing for further evaluation.

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Do it for team “Everybody,” Schecter said:

If the site is added to Safe Browsing’s lists, you’ll not only protect Chrome users, but users of other browsers and across the entire web.

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