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Google has released an update that shows you how much information the tech giant has on you.
So after Facebook’s data misuse scandal, they also released this tool to tell you how much data that it has on you.
But I also remember people pointing out that Google has way more information on you than Facebook does, which makes sense.
Facebook is generally just on social network, but Google has data from your Chrome browser, from Gmail.
What you’re looking up in Google Maps.
What you watch on YouTube, where you are if you’re using an Android phone, and so it obviously has a much bigger data profile on you.
So this update you can find your privacy settings and the data that they have on you from Google’s apps now.
Right now it’s available in Gmail, but they’re planning on rolling it out to Like maths and photos, and all these other Google apps that are available.
Is this something that you’re planning on using?
I mean, I’ll take a look at it, but I find there’s a lot of big hype about privacy settings and Privacy and information tools.
And for the average consumer, they’re never gonna make the three or four mouse clicks required to take a look, they won’t know what to look for if they do.
You and I are very aware of this But if you stop the average person in the streets, they’re like Google’s tracking me?
All right, what else is new?
It’s so complicated an issue they just throw their hands up and say, I don’t even know what to do about it.
There’s always this whole thing with data apathy in the sense of it’s just like-
Yes, exactly.
That’s a great term.
I love that.
Where the idea is that, you know
Yeah, Google has all my information, but I also like knowing where I’m going at any time.
It’s transparency theather.
Yeah, that’s a pretty good way to describe it.

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