Microsoft fixes critical bugs in CryptoAPI, RD Gateway and .NET

The CryptoAPI cryptographic bug that reported in its Patch Tuesday release yesterday was so big that it warranted its own story. Here, we look at some of the other nasties that Microsoft fixed.

Among the most serious were remote code execution (RCE) flaws affecting the Windows Remote Desktop Gateway, which is a Microsoft service that lets authorised remote users connect to resources on a network via the Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) client.

These pre-authentication don't require any user interaction to exploit, and involve an attacker sending a specially crafted request via RDP. Labelled CVE-2020-0609 through 11, the bugs affect Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, along with Windows Server 2016 and 2019. Rated 9.8 in CVSS, these are red hot bugs that companies should fix immediately.

In an analysis of the Microsoft patches, Johannes Ullrich at SANS explained:

Remember BlueKeep? The RD Gateway is used to authenticate users and allow access to internal RDP services. As a result, RD Gateway is often exposed and used to protect the actual RDP servers from exploitation.

There were several other bugs in Microsoft's patch this month, all overshadowed by the cryptographic whopper that we cover elsewhere but still important to everyday users and admins.

CVE-2020-0603 is a critical RCE bug in ASP.NET Core stemming from improper object handling in memory. A user would have to open a specially crafted file to be hit, which an attacker could send via email.

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