Patch Android! July 2019 update fixes 9 critical flaws

Depending on when users receive it, this week’s 2019 patch will fix 33 security vulnerabilities, including 9 marked , and 24 marked high.

If you own a Google Pixel device, that will be within a day or two, leaving everybody else on the 2019-07-01 and 2019-07-05 patch levels (what these dates mean is explained here) running Android 7, 8 or 9 to wait anything from weeks to months to catch up.

As usual, July’s batch of covers in significant parts of Android, including system, framework, library, and Qualcomm’s numerous components, including closed-source software.

However, as has been the case for some months, it’s the media framework that provides a disproportionate amount of the patching action in the form of three remote code execution (RCE) bugs marked critical.

These are CVE-2019-2107, CVE-2019-2106 (affecting Android 7 and 8), and CVE-2019-2109 (which only affects Android 9).

Another RCE critical is CVE-2019-2111 in the Android system, with the remaining critical flaws all connected to Qualcomm’s closed-source components.

Patch Android! July 2019 update fixes 9 critical flaws 1

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