Penetration Testing The Most Visible Component of Cyber Security

Amid all of the high-profile breaches, of all sizes have been successfully targeted by hackers who employ a wide range of different strategies. Companies have had to learn about the potential cost of a breach. It has to be noted that all companies have top-tier security measures and professionals yet they were compromised. This something so strange.

Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated and lucrative, and criminals are finding it easy to rake up some quick bucks. They get sophisticated and effective tools on the dark web, so it’s an easy entry to the world of cybercrime. A report in Cybersecurity Ventures suggests that with $6 trillion a year by 2021 cyberattacks will be the fastest growing crime in the world.

Breaches are inevitable, but there are steps one can take to improve their security, but companies often overlook it never feel the need to properly test regularly. As part of effectively preventing it is the mindset of the attackers that one should get to know.

What can be done?

Cybercriminals are determined, and they will continue to hack your systems with automated tools until they find a way to exploit.

Conduct annual testing, it can be a positive step to shut down vulnerabilities. Strong security is about committing resources and that includes subjecting the defenses to some serious scrutiny and stress testing. Many organizations, large and small subject their defenses to an internal and external attack designed to outdo a real hacker attack.

If we want to combat them effectively, here are some quick tips to help you do that.

• Chart down the risk: What are you trying to protect? Figure out where a breach would cause the most damage.
• Profile the Suspects: Find out who gains to benefit from accessing your data, it can be rival companies, criminals and unhappy employees. Make a list and profile them so that your pen tester can follow.
• 360-degree view: Try to analyze and test your entire network and infrastructure, because if not you, then the attackers will probe and search a weak spot that can be exploited.

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Continuous assessment of security strategies is what we call real-time protection, and it is crucial to the success of your cybersecurity plan, and penetration testing is an important factor for that.

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