Ransomware attacks in Spain leave radio station in “hysteria”

A ransomware attack has ransacked at least two Spanish companies, leaving their employees without computer access.

The ransomware hit radio broadcaster Sociedad Española de Radiodifusión (Cadena SER), which released a statement about the attack. The company said that it was maintaining its radio service from its Madrid headquarters with the help of autonomous teams. A technician there said that the company was in “ mode”, according to local media.

Local press also reported that the Systems Department at SER’s parent company PRISA issued a circular to staff which reads (translated):

We are immersed in a computer security incident. It is mandatory to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Under no circumstances can PRISA computer equipment be used (neither desktops nor laptops)
  • Under no circumstances can the Wi-Fi network be accessed.

There is no problem in using Outlook 365 email from your mobile phone and from private computers (desktops or laptops) and connecting to your One Drive, Share Point applications…

Please extend this statement to all your colleagues. We will keep you updated with any news.

The ransomware also hit IT services and consulting company Everis, which is a subsidiary of Japanese telco NTT. It came with a €750,000 ransom demand, according to Spanish site bitcoin.es.

Both companies have reportedly warned staff to switch off computers.


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