Second annual cyber security conference to highlight trends and threats for businesses | Cyber Security

Ireland’s second annual , Dublin Information Sec 2017 sponsored by eir Business, a Cisco Gold Partner, was announced today. The will take place on Wednesday November 1st 2017 in the RDS, Dublin, highlighting cyber security trends and threats facing in Ireland and the technologies to protect against them.

At Dublin Information Sec 2017, specialists in the industry will businesses on the issues of security, ransomware, attacks within the Internet of Things (IoT) and the human factor in breaches, looking at these areas in the context of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A panel of experts is in place to map out the threat landscape confronting businesses and guide through best practices to reduce risk and protect systems against infections and breaches.

Second annual cyber security conference to highlight trends and threats for businesses | Cyber Security 1

Topics including machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technology and cloud security will also be explored at the cyber security conference.

The event will be chaired by Adrian Weckler, Technology Editor INM.

“While 2017 set new records for cyber security issues, 2018 looks likely to be an even greater challenge. Regulatory issues such as GDPR will have a huge impact on how companies can be punished for not responding correctly to security breaches, while the gradual move to cloud applications creates new risks never before experienced by Irish organisations. Dublin Information Sec aims to help businesses and public sector bodies deal with some of those issues,” commented Adrian Weckler, Technology Editor INM.

Bill Archer, Managing Director of eir Business and a lead sponsor of the event said, “Our world is an increasingly networked one, impacting everything from personal accounts to global infrastructure. Recent high profile breaches internationally have highlighted the risk that hacks pose to the global economy, and protecting those networks is crucial for businesses large and small.  In eir Business, we provide security services covering everything from vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to security incident response.  Cyber criminals operate without borders and the focus of eir and our partners is always on the worldwide view, preventing malicious damage to customers and their contacts. This kind of conference is vital in raising awareness and we in eir Business are delighted to support it.”

Dublin Information Sec 2017 will specifically address:

  • security
  • The BYOD challenge for enterprises and public sector bodies
  • The cyber security issues of critical infrastructure
  • Risk, threats and adversaries – who should you really be worried about?
  • What to do about ransomware
  • How to plan and prepare for a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack
  • How to stay ahead of hackers
  • Why and how I did it: a hacker’s story
  • Improving Your Organisation’s Security Health: Windows, and iOS – strengths and weaknesses in choosing between them
  • Regulation: Security ramifications of GDPR
  • Regulatory threats and penalties in IT security
  • Brexit and security
  • Real World Security Solutions: Classic mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Solutions: Are biometrics an answer for organisations’ security issues? How and when are they allowed to be used?
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Confirmed speakers include at Dublin Information Sec 2017 include;

  • Joseph Carson, Strategist at Thycotic
  • Paolo Perfetti, Chief Information Technology Officer, eir
  • Bradley C. Birkenfeld, Banker and Whistleblower, author of Lucifer’s Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy
  • Dr Jessica Barker,
  • Brian Honan, Special Advisor to Europol’s Cybercrime Centre (EC3), Cyber Security Consultant
  • Rik Ferguson, Global Vice President Security Research at Trend Micro
  • Dinos Anthony Kerigan-Kyrou, co-author of NATO’s cybersecurity training programme and curriculum, member of Emerging Security Challenges Working Group based at the Partnership for Peace Consortium in Garmisch, Germany
  • Stephen Brewer, Chairman, iMob Media
  • Liz O’Neill-Craven, Head of Security Integration and Managed Services at Ward Solutions
  • Paul Hogan, Chief Technology Officer, Ward Solutions

Dublin Information Sec 2017 is an Independent News and Media event, and for further information and tickets please click here.

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