Smartphone Backdoor found in Four models in Germany

Almost all mobile phones make two serious mistakes for their : following their movements and listening to their conversations. That’s why we call it “Stalin’s dream”.

Almost all phone processors have a universal back that phones often use to transmit all the calls they hear.

The back door is the result of 20-year-old mistakes still not fixed. The ability to leave vulnerabilities is morally equivalent to writing a backdoor.

The back door is located in the “modem processor” responsible for communicating with the radio network. For most phones, the modem processor controls the microphone. On most phones, it is also possible to rewrite the software for the main processor.

Some phone models are specially designed so that the modem processor cannot control the microphone and you cannot change the software in the main processor. They still have the back door, but at least they cannot turn the phone into a listening device.

The universal backdoor also seems to be used to send phones even when they are off. This means that your movements will be recorded and that you can activate the hearing function.

ZDNet reports that backdoor found in four smartphone models, and 20,000 users infected.

German cyber-security agency warns against buying or using four low-end smartphone models.

Impacted models include the Doogee BL7000, the M-Horse Pure 1, the Keecoo P11, and the VKworld Mix Plus (malware present in the firmware, but inactive). All four are low-end Android smartphones.

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