Tehran has no data on alleged use of Iranian devices by Russian hackers

authorities do not have information about the alleged use of Iranian by Russian to carry out cyberattacks on dozens of countries around the world, said an official representative of the Iranian government Ali Rabiya.

A report by the UK's National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) and the United States National Security Agency (NSA) reveals that the Turla hacking group, allegedly associated with “Russian entities”, hacked software of Iranian to cyber-spy and attack government and industry organizations in dozens of countries. The content of the document is published on the NCSC website.

It is claimed that, according to British intelligence services, the hacking campaign was most actively carried out in the Middle East. No evidence of cyberattacks is provided.

However, the Iranian government said they did not have information about Turla hackers.

According to political scientist Alexander Asafov, the assignment of the Turla hacker group to “Russian entities” is deliberately carried out by London and Washington, in order to “maintain an anti-Russian propaganda focus.”

“Even Western companies do not see any Russian connection in Turla's actions. But it's not important for the propaganda of Britain and the USA,” the expert said.

Asafov added that by publishing such a report, London seeks to “support the image of bad Russia that he has already created” and wants to distract ordinary citizens from problems within the UK.

As noted by Asafov, reports of cybercrime for British and American politicians are a “universal tool.”

A similar opinion is shared by the corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences Sergey Sudakov. According to him, it would now be beneficial for London to arrange a provocation.

At the same time, Iran, like Russia, is not the first time to be a central figure in Washington's stories of “hacker attacks.”

So, in early October, the American Corporation Microsoft said that allegedly Iranian hackers carried out an attack against the US political establishment and a number of other persons with the aim of “interfering” in the 2020 presidential election.

Sergei Sudakov believes that the next incident related to hacker attacks will also be attributed to Iranian and Russian hackers allegedly associated with the authorities of the Russian Federation and Iran.

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