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Work clothes for both men and women have certainly changed a lot since the 1950s.

Shayanne Gal/Business Insider

Why don’t people dress up for work anymore?

It’s a question that’s no doubt popped into the minds of many a workplace fashionista — not to mention anyone French cuffs-deep into a Mad Men binge.

The short answer is… it’s complicated. Even today, degrees of sartorial formality tend to vary between industries, companies, and roles. And workplace styles can change day-to-day on an individual basis, too. Even if you usually don a business casual outfit, chances are, you’ll probably dress up for your career-making pitch to the boardroom.

Basically, ’s an ever-evolving, context-specific, and highly-personal thing.

But what accounts for the fact that many industries and companies have been slouching toward casualness since the 1970s?

To find out how — and why — workplace dress has transformed in this century, let’s take a look back through time.

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