Tips to Protect Your Data While Working from Home

During the prolonged global pandemic, many large corporations and small business employees have already moved to work from home. At the same time, regardless of the basic security concept of companies, their primary task is to preserve the important information and valuable assets necessary for the continuous conduct of business.

Numerous hackers are also not asleep at this time, daily coming up with even more tricky ways of fraud. Is it possible for businesses to ensure data security when their employees work from home? Experts say that this is quite real.

The main risks of remote work for business

Today, many companies are increasingly forced to transfer their employees to remote work. At the same time, you need to understand that the level of security of home gadgets is much lower than that of office ones. This means that you have to pay special attention to data protection on your home PC.

The first and most important risk for companies with remote employees is the leakage of confidential data, as well as information that is a trade secret.

IT experts say that most often remote work has the same risks as office work:

  • Transfer of data to unreliable sources without intent.
  • Use the same passwords for your own convenience.
  • Storing access keys in unprotected gadgets.
  • Wi-Fi network without reliable protection.
  • Visiting malicious internet resources.
  • Installation of unsafe software.
  • The presence of viruses on the computer.

How can you avoid security problems during a global pandemic?

Basic security rules for remote work

Of course, data leakage through remote employees may not occur at all, but it is better to be safe. To do this, companies should follow simple rules:

  • Add remote employees to the point of the employment contract about trade secrets and the penalties that await them in case of disclosure of classified information;
  • Remote employees working with a vulnerable part of the corporation should only connect to their work servers via VPN channels. For more information and discussion about the best free VPN, you can follow this link.
  • Provide a high level of password protection. When using weak passwords, all the company’s data is in the greatest danger.
  • It is important that a remote computer works with a reliable antivirus system of the latest version.

Every remote employee should take care of the security of the network at home. To do this, he needs to change the password of the Wi-Fi router, ask the experts to check whether port forwarding is enabled, and study the status of the router’s network protocols. This is necessary because all devices that use the network can also be at risk in the event of a cyber-attack.

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It is important to remember that a popular technique among scammers is sending emails with malicious links and attachments. After receiving such a letter, even from a familiar address, you should not click on the link without making sure that it is safe.

Top 5 life hacks from IT experts on data protection when working from home

Experienced cybersecurity specialists offer the following ways to help secure company data:

  • When connecting a remote computer to servers, you need to protect it with advanced security options. To do this, you need to have an EDR system, the task of which is to check the reliability of all running processes.

Thus, it is possible to detect an attack in time without using infected software and other products designed specifically to penetrate other people’s systems.

  • The remote computer should only connect to the corporate network via VPN-type anonymizers, creating a private, secure network.
  • Passwords to accounts, programs, and folders on the company’s servers should not be simple.

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It is best to use a random set of numbers and letters that are difficult to decipher and crack. You should also enable multi-factor authentication on all possible programs and pages. All this contributes to compliance with the requirements related to the protection of the company’s data.

  • The primary modern way of protection is a firewall, virtual (application) or physical (hardware device). With this system, you can monitor the traffic at the entrance and exit, analyzing its security for the network. As a result, the system decides on its own whether to grant access to certain traffic or block it.
  • Monitoring the network to which users and applications connect. These services respond to failures and eliminate them in time, ensuring the continuous operation of the enterprise, even on remote access.

Just a few final words

It should be remembered that all the resources used must be pre-tested for the amount of work that they will have to perform daily. Only by following certain rules, you can organize safe work, even remotely.

The company management should approach the issue of corporate security as responsibly as possible. Along with the development of the business, the security system must also develop, based on the specifics of the cases, so it is important to assess in advance the problems that the company may face, thinking through the methods of solving them.

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