Why Cyber security Recruitment secure On The Rise?

Cyber security is a field in . Growing cyber-attacks, the for secure and secure , and other concerns mean that businesses need professionals to protect their information.

If you’re considering a career change in 2019, you may want to take a look at the growing market, which is expected to grow in 2019- 2020

This is an area where the good guys, the cybersecurity professionals, are dealing with bad guys, cybercriminals and . Assuming you want to be a good guy, a career can mean a six-figure salary, job security, and upward mobility potential.

A job in the field of cybersecurity is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to work in the field of technology at the moment. Data compiled by the website shows an increase in demand compared to 2018.

Increasing the popularity of such works should not be a big surprise considering the current climate. The frequency and severity of data breaches are increasing, with attacks directed against well-known companies that regularly post information. And with the implementation of increasingly stringent privacy laws, such as the GDPR, companies have never focused more on protecting their networks and the valuable information that flows through them.

But what do these jobs really mean? Instead of any detail on the skills currently required, we see only vague and general titles: “Computer Security Specialist, Computer Security Engineer, and Security Consultant”. It would be difficult to be less precise. However, what matters most to the security of an organization is the experience, knowledge, and specialized experience behind those titles. Unfortunately, human resources teams, business leaders, and board members who decide who to hire often do not understand the nuances of what it really means to be at the frontline against cyber threats.

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Be Specific

Threat actors will use a variety of techniques to both technological and human vulnerabilities as part of their mission of stealing valuable information, forcing businesses to pay a ransom or cause damage.

In 2018, nearly two-thirds of businesses were victims of a zero-day , while the number of phishing attacks increased by nearly 300%. DNS is still a target because attackers exploit this amazingly unprotected protocol to filter out confidential information with DDoS attacks. Web applications are vulnerable to SQL injection and database attacks. And the users themselves are considered the weakest point of any computer network, sometimes deliberately, but usually by accident.

The problem is that since there is not a single security expert, as there is no single attack vector. A business needs to know the nuances in order to effectively protect its attack surface. It is important, to understand that an expert in application security may have a less well knowledge of digital forensics and reverse engineering has a general security stance.

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