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Eindhoven, a city in the south of the Netherlands, has some big plans. They have announced that they will print a whole neighbourhood consisting of five multi-storey houses. The first house is set to be completed sometime in 2019.

The development called “Project Milestone,” is a collaboration between the municipality, Eindhoven University of Technology, contractor Van Wijnen, developer Vesteda, material company Saint Gobain-Weber Beamix and engineers Witteveen+Bos.

Customisation of homes has become much easier and cheaper thanks to 3D technology.  The project developers announced that the technology has allowed them to create homes in almost any shape or form.

The houses will be made of concrete and shaped like pebbles, a design which aims to promote sustainability and environmentally friendly. The homes themselves will also be designed to be fully habitable and eco-friendly, including not having a natural gas connection — which is said to be quite rare in The Netherlands.

The first structure will be a two bedroom bungalow and the other more complex multi-storey structures will be completed in the coming years.

While the first house will initially be constructed in segments off-site, the partners hope to be able to shift production fully on-site by the time the last of the houses are completed.

“Project Milestone” houses are designed to follow with Dutch space and environmental standards and will be leased to tenants once complete. 20 families have already shown their interest in the first house.

Only time will tell us what will happen to these houses and whether this type of construction will become the norm.

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