ACE Singapore officially launch the new True Digital Park

The Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), a national private-led organisation seeking to drive entrepreneurship and innovation in , joins hands with True Digital (TPDK), an innovation ecosystem for both Thai and international startups industry players, to officially launch the new True Digital Park–ACE Singapore Centre.

The partnership was announced today during TDPK’s T.O.P 2019 – Together of Possibilities Grand Opening event.

Back in May 2018, ACE and True Digital Park signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that represents the collaboration between Singapore and Thailand in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The opening of the Centre marks ACE’s support for local and international startups with market access opportunities. The Centre is the second one launched by ACE this year and the first within Southeast Asia.

With the Centre, Singaporean startups will be able to leverage on the TDPK-ACE Singapore Centre as a Landing Zone for access to local partners, spaces for work, and participate in market-focussed programmes.

True Digital Park (TDPK) has been a key strategic partner for Singapore startups to ‘soft-land’ and use Bangkok as a launchpad into the Thai market. Located in the heart of Bangkok’s cyber-tech district, the facility houses startups, venture capitalists, accelerators, and government offices.

Singapore startups arriving in Thailand through TDPK will be able to plug-in from day one to help them gain a foothold in their internationalisation plans.

In conjunction with the opening of the True Digital Park-ACE Singapore Centre, ACE also brought along a delegation of 14 Singapore startups. These startups are part of a 4-day ACE Market Immersion Programme to identify and explore business opportunities in the Thai market.

They are:

  • Ai Pallete, an AI platform for FMCG product innovation.
  • Excide, a platform that scales finance capabilities for SMEs in Southeast Asia by leveraging on technology to re-design finance processes and implemented by a curated group of qualified finance talents
  • Fleetnetics, a flagship product of DewTouch, is a platform that takes car rental, spare part distributors and motor garages to the cloud.
  • Haulio, a Singapore-based digital container haulage network.
  • Infinitus, a blockchain-based mobile application that protects and safe keep users’ private keys, mnemonic phases, pincodes, and recovery seeds for all types of crypto wallets.
  •, a Singapore’s AutoConcierge Platform that simplifies vehicle ownership.
  • OFFEO, a design-driven online video maker that enable small businesses and marketers to create compelling social media videos easily.
  • Omniaz, a platform that drives the global alcoholic beverage industry toward technology and data to become the leading global BevTech company.
  • Rock Nano Global, a company that creates gamification and game-based learning type products.
  • SecureAge, a data security company headquartered in Singapore that places real security and usability on equal footing.
  • Ezyprocure, intelligent procurement solutions to market that help maximise productivity, cashflow, and profitability.
  • Small Batch Learning, a startup that solves the problem of “how do we fund free education” by launching the world’s first Smart Learning Network.
  • SmartAHC, a platform that provides data infrastructure, which leverages on Internet-of-Thing, Artificial Intelligent, and Computer Vision Technology, to bridge the livestock data and livestock producers’ ERP system.
  • TakejiDesign, a startup with a mission to produce disruptive media and technology that helps businesses and/or organisation achieve greater efficiency and excellence by driving impact in their industry and consumers’ daily lives.

On the sidelines of the launch was also the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between ACE and the Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC). STCC is a registered chamber in Thailand with about 250 corporate members that promotes and develops various aspects of economic and social relations between Singapore and Thailand.

Under the MOU, companies in each of ACE’s and STCC’s respective ecosystems can expect to benefit from access to community events, workshops, programmes, business contacts, and investor networks, among others.


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