Course of automation is driving digital HR transformation throughout the SMB market

The role of HR departments across the globe is rapidly transforming. This is because the nature of the business environment itself has changed due to the advent of technology and the plethora of digital tools that help boost productivity, as well as altering the way a company operates. And HR departments suddenly find themselves being the heartbeat of the organizations, connecting all the departments within the company, performing crucial functions: processing payroll, recruiting talent and perhaps most importantly, managing the enterprise’s most valuable asset, the human workforce.

In other words, HR has become a strategic partner to management and is responsible for aligning human capital with the business goals of the company. This new and more integral role, in addition to a traditional role, requires utmost efficiency and meticulousness, with very little room for mistake. Which is why HR functions in the business need all the help they can get, and, thanks to development in the HR tech space, they can now rely on some of the most cutting-edge software and automation tools to help perform their functions.

There are many ways in which a properly deployed HR tech solution will benefit an HR department, and subsequently improve the productivity and growth of the entire organization. Most tools that are currently on the market are designed and optimized to not only make life easier for the HR managers and personnel, but they enable more employee engagement. Thus, acquiring an HR tech solution should not be considered an HR-only investment, but a strategic investment to improve the entire organization.

Enhancing growth and operational efficiency

One of the most common features of any HR tech solution is the automated payroll function which greatly improves efficiency and reduces costs accrued by manual processing. Manual payroll calculations are extremely time-consuming given the complex remuneration packages modern workforce requires. Any manual processing increases the chances of human errors, and can cost big money! In addition, automating the routine yet crucial functions such as payroll processing frees up the human workforce to do more meaningful, strategic functions that enable growth or at least, consolidation.

Improved productivity across the board

HR tech software allows companies to assign, delegate and to closely track the attendance, productivity, and performance of staff. Tracking productivity allows executives to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to which areas need more resources and which do not. With accurate data and insights, companies could take the guesswork out of the equation and design their workflow based on solid empirical data.

Managing the workforce will be made much easier when there are measurable metrics to go by. Companies could reward high performing employees for their contribution while addressing the needs of and helping staff members that are struggling to meet their goals.

Increased employee engagement

Creating an engaging environment employees is one of the biggest challenges that companies around the world continue to face, even in the modern era despite all the advanced communication tools to hand. Some HR software, however, has made it easier for employees to collaborate and communicate with each other via the platform by integrating a social media element. An engaged workforce is known to be happier and more productive, which should be enough of a reason for companies to invest in such platforms.

However, with so many options to choose from, picking the right HR solution is not an easy task. Thus, Tech Wire Asia has curated the four most comprehensive HR technology software platforms currently on the market that businesses should consider, to optimize their HR operations.

GreatDay HR is one of the leading mobile-optimized HR tech platforms in in use in Southeast Asia which is designed for companies to embrace the mobile-first trend which is taking the enterprise world by storm. The solution, completely employee-focused, is flexible and highly scalable. Smaller and medium sized business can acquire GreatDay HR as a standalone solution, while larger organizations have the option to deploy it as mobile employee interface for the  Sunfish HR SaaS cloud solution (both brands are part of DataOn).

What makes GreatDay HR stand out from the rest of the pack is that instead of offering the mobile feature as an add-on or an afterthought to main platform, it is developed from scratch, specifically to cater to the mobile-obsessed world of today’s workforces. This enables employees to seamlessly manage their HR data, report attendance, request leave, view their payslips, file for reimbursement, ans so forth, all via their mobile phones.

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The platform is geared towards enhancing employee engagement within an organization, as the platform is integrated with social media-like features enabling better, more meaningful company-wide collaboration, eliminating virtual walls between departments. Other than that, the platform’s Benefit feature enables employees to apply for a loan, or shop for insurance plans via the mobile app, from approved insurance and financial services provider partners.

For a more information on GreatDay’s cutting edge HR solutions and tools, please click here.

native JustLogin is another HR tech provider that strives to provide all-in-one HR solutions which fit the need of SMBs in the Southeast Asia region. With more than 18 years’ experience in helping regional businesses, its cloud-based HR application seamlessly integrates with existing systems and hardware.

The turnkey solution boosts productivity and ensures payroll accuracy and compliance, and eliminates unnecessary paperwork for attendance management. Tracking employee hours and work performance have never been less complicated, as the application allows for one-touch clock-in and clock out. Employees that are working remotely could also just clock-in from any mobile device and the system will capture a photo and location in real-time.

Furthermore, employees will also enjoy a seamless expense claiming process without the need of tedious messes of receipts and invoices. Staff members can scan and upload receipts directly onto the claims application function, and the platform will route the request to the appropriate channel for prompt approval and processing.

But perhaps more importantly, the JustLogin app could be deployed modularly, whereby companies do not have roll out the entire suite. Having this option is crucial, especially for smaller businesses with limited budget.

Another great HR tech provider that is worth mentioning is Payroll2U. The company prides itself on having a heavy focus on one thing and doing it really well; payroll. Its platform, smartPay, is an extremely user-friendly cloud-based application that is optimized to increase productivity at all the different levels of an organization. With all the modules integrated into one central system and database, data sharing is made seamless, while reducing the chances of duplication errors.

The Singapore company’s other offering includes payroll preparation, attendance monitoring, training support, and employee data storage. In addition, the platform’s Self-Service module empowers managers and employees to access, update and manage their own data, eliminating the needless paper work and forms that are traditionally required to do such tasks. By streamlining business and HR processes, Payroll2U is poised to relieve the burdens of mundane tasks off companies, so business can focus on core competencies and serve their customers better.

Having already served clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam, Payroll2U’s platform is compliant with multi-country HR regulations and labor laws.

Everyone likes to boast that their platform and offerings are easy-to-use, but one HR tech provider has incorporated it to their name, which is a bold statement! HREasily, an HR solutions company that provides Software as a Service (SaaS) claims that its products enable businesses to increase productivity by streamlining HR work processes, such as payroll processing, leave management and claim applications without breaking the bank.

The company’s offerings come in different modules that perform different core HR tasks, such as payroll, employee data management portal provision, leave management, claims processing and attendance tracking. HREasily’s applications are integrated to a centralized systems and database, providing a single source of truth, with minimal chances of errors and duplication.

Offering real time reporting, HREasily lets business leaders have access to the latest data regarding employee performance and other HR metrics at any given time, via any compatible mobile device. Further, the platform also eliminates unnecessary paper processes and documents to transform any organization into an efficient, digital and mobile-first organization.

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