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Alpha JWC Ventures contributed to this funding round for Target , which had begun its operations in Indonesia this year

adtech startup Target Media Nusantara today announced an undisclosed Series A funding round from venture capital firm Alpha JWC Ventures.

In a press statement, Target Media Nusantara CEO Thomas Chan said that the funding will be used for business development purposes and operations at the “initial stage.”

“In long run, [the funding] will be used to acquire and develop other media channel which synergised with the company mission,” he continued.

Target Media Nusantara is a member of Focus Media Group, a -based lifestyle targeted interactive media network in China.

The group’s business scope includes LCD display, poster frame, movie theater, and in-store advertising network surrounding the space of work, life, entertainment, and consumption of mainstream people in major cities.

Before entering Indonesia, the group had already expanded to , Hong Kong, and South Korea, with a total of over three million screens, serving more than 5,500 brands, and exposing content to more than 250 million viewers.

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Target Media Nusantara itself began its operations in Indonesia in mid-2018, providing advertising services in office buildings, apartments, and hotels.

The company said it has installed its services in 104 building in Greater Jakarta Area and hopes to grow to 900 screens in 200 buildings by the end of the year.

Some of its platform’s unique features are the use of live upload, instead of cables, which enables brands to launch their campaigns quickly without long buffer time.

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The platform also includes smart audio feature in their screens that can adjust the audio of videos according to the number of people in an elevator where it is installed, in order to maximise user experience.

It is also developing an eyeball tracking analytics for its screen, that is able to track how often people look at a certain part of a video.

The data gathered from this experiment can be used by Target Media Nusantara’s clients to develop their branding strategies.


Digital advertising platform Target Media Nusantara raises Series A funding round | Digital Asia 1

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