Dirac ‘improves’ smartphone bass with psychoacoustics

Because micro-speakers are just too small to produce the same deep bass sound that their larger counterparts can, Dirac developed the Dirac Bass to trick your ears into hearing lower-pitched sounds.

Portable speakers and speakers simply aren't capable of moving the amount of air required to produce the resonating, bass sounds that larger devices can.

To combat this physical limitation, Swedish audio firm Dirac took a psychoacoustic approach.

Basically, Dirac Bass accomplishes this seemingly impossible feat by faking it.

The technology artificially generates overtones – using a Dirac-created algorithm – several octaves higher to deceptively shift the bass tones up.

In fact, the audible range is extended up to three whole octaves.

This classical method leads “us to believe that there is a lower fundamental frequency.”

By artificially shifting the scale of sounds, the fabricated bass remains clean and in control.

Dirac raves that tones as low as 30Hz become audible with the Dirac Bass – even though that's already possible with some smartphones – but the company also claims that the sounds are more natural and transparent.

Dirac Bass works exclusively with Dirac Panorama Sound and Dirac Power Sound for now.

This tech will surely see some other applications in the near future, though, especially as the space allotted for speakers on smartphones keep shrinking as bezels get smaller.

Chinese mobile device manufacturers are already making Dirac at home in their smartphones: the OnePlus 6T, Oppo K1, and Xiaomi 8 series and Mi 6X feature Dirac Power Sound for the phone speaker and Dirac HD Sound and Sensaround for earphone sound optimization, so Dirac Bass is sure to come next.

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