EOS Super Community Held Asia Pacific Press Conference

Recently, the EOS Super Community held a press conference in Asia Pacific. The participants included members from 10 countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, etc.

The Head of Operations of the EOS Super Community, Ted Edward, shared the strategic plan for 2019, and Mr. Andy, the head of the EOS Super Community Asia Pacific, shared the next three major periods of the EOS Super Community and the foundation of the international ecosystem, Rudd Leon, the technical director of EOS super-community shared underlying technology built by the SEAS ecosystem, and Blanco Garcia Chirstian, from the EOS DAPP technical committee expressed support for the EOS super community ecosystem and his views on the EOS super community, STEEF from BLOCK ONE shared the value of EOS and support for the super community. The EOS Super Community was founded in January 2018 in the UK by Lloyds Bank’s leading investment consultant ALEX Santi who made the early stage investment, it was operated by BM’s former core team members BENNIT, Rudd Leon and Ted Edward serve as Head of Technology and Operations! Its ultimate missions are complete the global popularity of EOS, improving the EOS ecosystem, and building the world’s largest EOS super community!

Ted Edward (the first on the left), Andy (the second on the left), Blanco Garcia Chirstian (the third on the left), STEEF (the first on the right), Rudd Leon (the second on the right)

Blanco Garcia Chirstian, from the EOS DAPP technical committee (the first on the left), Rudd Lean, the technical director of EOS super-community (the first on the right)

The next three strategic planning periods of EOS Super Community

The first period: the market outbreak period

During the entrance period of the fans, this should last for one year, and will continue until October 2019. In this way, we will have more than 1 million members.

The second period: the ecosystem-building period

Each team can have one or more sections of the ecology, and each outstanding leader can build his own business empire in this ecology. The ecosystem will be built with payment, industry, finance, and circulation sectors. Leaders are selected as shareholders of the excellent ecosystem sector, and the entire ecosystem is expected to have a turnover of $10 billion.

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The third period: ecological transformation period

Including the two major parts of ICO and , EOS super community will establish a bank, SEOS Eco shares, it’s a complete business empire, just like Amazon in the United States, Lloyd Group in Europe, become a leading enterprise and open 7,000 branches worldwide. Every member who participates in the first phase will have an equity in the ecosystem.

EOS is a complete ecosystem in the future. Next, it will cooperate with the HUOBI EOS Exchange to build the SEOS exchange system. It will also set up the EOS Institute, and popularize EOS knowledge, build and train EOS technical talents, and help carry out the three missions of the EOS super community!

Ted Edward, Head of Operations, EOS Super Community

During the conference, we interviewed Ted Edward, Head of Operations, EOS Super Community, who proposed that the EOS Super Community will create a global community ecosystem that everyone can participate in, just like the Lloyds Group in the UK. The largest community ecosystem, including finance, insurance, tourism, hotels, pensions, shopping, real estate, banks and other global ecosystems that cover food, clothing, housing and transportation, and the branches can participate in it, or they can be built it independently. Just like the Lloyd Group in the UK, it is a two-hundred-year-old ecosystem. Each company and the group are cooperative, they are operated together but with independent finance! He also pointed out that by the end of 2020, the strategic goals of the first and second periods will be completed, and the ecological upgrading of the third period will be launched by the end of 2020!

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