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A blockchain protocol for a more efficient, transparent, and secure is underway with announcing a partnership with


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In an effort to turn the fragmented medical industry into a customer-driven, data-centric solution, Jireh Group announced today that it has partnered with EXOCHAIN.

Jireh Group is a tech company that aims to improve the quality of healthcare experience for both patients and clinicians. EXOCHAIN is a blockchain company that builds a token-based blockchain ecosystem that medical providers can use to verify the secure identity of patients and doctors participating in clinical trials. Together, they will be using their specialties to build user experiences and solutions that healthcare can benefit from.

There are seven healthcare brands operating under Jireh Group: GetDoc, GetDocPLus, GetDocPay, GetDocSays, PreOpinion, Rapha Diagnostics, and Hippo IOT devices. Together they have more than 65,000 registered downloads, 30,000 paid GetDocPlus users, and a network of more than 1500 clinics across Singapore , Malaysia, and Thailand.

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The planned blockchain platform will help to create heightened security, enhanced efficiency, and data transparency. Aside from the plan, the collaboration will also foster new business opportunities between North America and Asia, and bring benefits to individuals.

The expected end products are secure identity wallets, smart contracts and patient records, all vital for accurate diagnostics and medical adherence.

“This partnership with Exochain allows all the verticals that we operate for stakeholders and actual users to benefit from Blockchain,” said Woon Shung Toon, CEO, and Founder of Jireh Group and GetDoc. The statement is also supported by Robert E. Stewart, CEO of EXOCHAIN.


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