EZ-Link & Touch ‘n Go New Dual Currency Cross-border Contactless Card

New -currency contactless cross-border launched by Singapore's EZ-Link and Malaysia's ‘n Go.

The -currency cross-border card, which the companies say is a first for the region, will allow users to store both Singapore dollars and Malaysian ringgit in two electronic purses on the same card, EZ-Link said in a news release on Monday (Aug 17).

“The EZ-Link x Touch 'n Go Motoring Card offers motorists the convenience and flexibility of payment options in both countries,” said the company.

The announcement came on the first day of the implementation of the Reciprocal Green Lane and Periodic Commuting Arrangement at the Singapore-Malaysia border.

“With the Reciprocal Green Lane established between Singapore and Malaysia and now in operation, motorists can look forward to a gradual and phased resumption of cross-border travel between the two countries,” said EZ-Link.

The card can be used in Singapore for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) payments, checkpoint toll charges and parking fees at some car parks.

It can also be used to pay highway tolls, checkpoint toll charges, parking fees, MRT and bus fares in Malaysia. It is also accepted at Touch n' Go retail outlets.

An initial release of limited stocks will be available for purchase on the official EZ-Link store on Lazada Singapore starting Monday. The card is priced at S$7 with no load value, EZ-Link said.

It will subsequently be made available for sale at selected 7-Eleven convenience stores in Singapore for S$10 – inclusive of a S$3 load value in the EZ-Link purse – in September.

Users can top up the EZ-Link purse and the Touch ‘n Go purse at regular channels in Singapore and Malaysia respectively.

“It has certainly been a challenging period for everyone where cross-border travel has been restricted, but we look forward to the gradual and safe reopening of the border between Singapore and Malaysia,” said EZ-Link Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Lee.

“Our EZ-Link x Touch ‘n Go Motoring Card will bring a new level of convenience for motorists who have to travel between the countries often, and offer added safety and flexibility in contactless payment options.”

On Aug 10, Singapore and Malaysia opened applications for citizens and permanent residents to travel to the other country under two schemes.

The Reciprocal Green Lane will allow travellers to enter the other country for a short-term visit. Travellers must take a COVID-19 test within 72 hours from departure and obtain a certificate of having tested negative from an accredited laboratory, which they must present upon arrival.

They must also take another swab test upon arrival and stay in declared accommodation until negative results are released.

The other scheme, the Periodic Commuting Arrangement, allows those with long-term immigration passes for business and work purposes in the other country to travel.

They have to remain in the destination country for at least 90 days before returning for home leave.

Travellers under this arrangement can only enter or exit via the two land checkpoints – at Woodlands or Tuas. They must also serve a seven-day stay-home notice period and are not allowed to take public trains or buses until they test negative for COVID-19.

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