Facebook’s Crackdown on Misinformation Might Actually Be Working | Feature

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Wow this is not surprising from a giant like Facebook. That makes sense when you consider that Facebook has made a concerted effort to limit on its platform since early 2017. This indicates that Facebook’s apparent gains are not simply a result of fake news sites giving up, winding down their operations, or changing their domain names. While this evidence is far from definitive, it as consistent with the view that the overall magnitude of the misinformation problem may have declined, at least temporarily. Efforts by Facebook following the 2016 election to limit the diffusion of misinformation may have had a meaningful impact. It would be premature to conclude from this that Facebook is winning the war against fake news. Even if there were a widely agreed-upon definition of misinformation—which there certainly isn’t—more research would be needed to establish that Facebook is stemming its flow.


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