Go-Jek acquires Indian recruitment platform developer AirCTO

december 6

Indonesian ride-hailing Go-Jek has acquired Bangalore-based startup . Following the acquisition, the team is set to join the company.

Prior to the acquisition, AirCTO is known as a developer that utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) to search for quality talents.

“[The acquisition] is in with Go-Jek’s focus on hiring premium talents to support the development of ‘Super App’,” a Go-Jek spokesperson told YourStory.

“AirCTO owns a great team and recruitment solutions that automate the search for the best engineering talents. The team will focus on innovating our recruitment process, especially in developing and implementing solutions that streamline the recruittment process,” Go-Jek India Managing Director Sidu Ponnappa.

Meanwhile AirCTO Founder Atif Haider explained that he had found a match in Go-Jek and is committed to contribute in the company’s growth in Southeast Asia.

By far Go-Jek is one of the fastest growing startups in Indonesia. In addition to its home country, Go-Jek has also been expanding to other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, , and the Philippines.

Throughout its journey, Go-Jek has done several acquisitions acquisitions to strengthen its business, be it to expand its segment or secure talents. Startups that had been acquired by the company included Coins.ph, Midtrans, Kartuku, Mapan, and Promogo. Specifically in India, Go-Jek has acquired healthcare startup Pianta and mobile apps developer consultant LeftShift.

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