Go-jek launches expansive insurance scheme for drivers in Singapore


Go-jek, the Indonesian ride-hailing giant, announced today it has partnered with Gigacover, a Singaporean insurtech startup, to ramp up its offerings in the city-state.

The core of the policy is that will be entitled to coverage of S$80 (US$60) per day in the event of medical leave or hospitalisation related to their work. The coverage extends for medical leave up to 21 days and hospitalisation up to 84 days.

Drivers can sign-up for the policy by paying a monthly, subsidised, rate to Gigacover. Go-Jek will also be extending free coverage to its most active drives, updated on a quarterly basis.

The will officially launch on April 1.

Gigacover is designed specifically to help freelance and contract workers get insurance, so the partnership with the ride-hailing industry is a logical fit.

“Go-Jek's driver-partners form a huge part of 's gig economy, an important ecosystem
that Gigacover champions and whose workers we are committed to support,” said Chua Cheng Xun, the Co-founder of Gigacover in a statement.

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower encouraged Go-Jek to work with an insurer to offer a long-term medical leave product.

“We welcome the growing support among transport operators to protect their self-employed drivers. We hope to see even more operators also stepping forward to offer such insurance to self-employed persons they contract with,” said a spokesperson.

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