Gobind unveils Ministry’s six strategic thrusts

PUTRAJAYA: Communications and Multimedia Minister Singh Deo Thursday announced the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan for the ministry and its departments and agencies that encompasses six strategic .

He outlined the thrusts as reliable, affordable, quality and accessible telecommunications infrastructure; driving the economy and ICT to developed-nation status; strengthening regulation of a reliable and stable communications and multimedia ecosystem.

Expanding the dissemination of information on nationhood to enhance the identity and patriotism of the people; empowering quality and up-to-date broadcasting services; and catalysing a competitive and global-standard creative content industry.

“This strategic plan is imperative to ensuring that the ministry’s work is implemented in accordance with the plan based on its vision, mission and objectives as well as the latest policies of the government,” Gobind said at the ‘Delivery of the Minister’s Message’ at the ministry here.

Ministry secretary-general Datuk Dr Mohd Ali Mohamad Nor, Malaysian National News Agency (Tech News) chief executive officer Nurini Kassim and other heads of departments and agencies were also present at the event.

Gobind said that this year, the ministry would continue to step up efforts to realise the goal of doubling the Internet speed and reducing the package price.

“Various aspects of the Internet service will be looked into, including the problems that telecommunications companies face,” he said.

He also said that the ministry would review several acts, such as the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998 and Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

“The ministry, through the Personal Data Protection Department, has embarked on an initiative to prepare the Public Sector Personal Data Protection Best Practices Draft,” he said.

In his message, Gobind said the ministry upheld the government desire to ensure freedom of the media in reporting news and criticising the government.

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“Accurate news reporting without bias is crucial to shaping the mindset for a more matured society. Debates on TV on issues raised are allowed for the people to get information and understand these issues more clearly and accurately,” he said.

Gobind said that this year, the ministry had set up three thematic groups, on Digital Economy, Broadcasting and Information as well as Creative Industry, as collaborate platforms to discuss in detail the three key agenda of the ministry encompassing the ministry, its agencies and external agencies.

“These thematic groups not only focus on programmes but also on the impact of implementing the programmes for the people and the efforts to inform the people of initiatives and the benefits to be enjoyed from the implementation of government initiatives,” he said.

Gobind said the ministry also adopted the inclusive and holistic approach to renewing the arts industry, including amending the relevant acts, restructuring the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) and other relevant bodies as well as helping to produce competitive and successful films.

“Serious attention must be given to the role and capability of the arts industry to portray the country’s uniqueness and specialty to the international level. For this year, the ministry targets revenue of RM8.2 billion from creative content focused on exported animation and video games as well as MSC Malaysia-status companies,” he said.

Gobind said the ministry, through the Malaysian Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC), would undertake and develop the eSports ecosystem in Malaysia so that it can compete on par with other countries which organise global leagues. – Tech News

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