Google Cloud unveils AI upskilling courses in Indonesia 

Google unveiled new solutions and resources that are now available to organizations of all sizes in to help them innovate with artificial intelligence (AI) quickly, securely, and responsibly.

According to the e-Conomy SEA report, the Southeast Asian region could see growth up to US$360 billion by 2025 in e-commerce, food delivery and digital financial services. Indonesia is expected to be a big contributor to achieving this, especially with one in three Indonesians having access to the Internet.

At the recent Google Cloud Jakarta Summit 2023, the tech giant unveiled new solutions and resources available to organizations of all sizes in Indonesia to help them leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) quickly, securely, and responsibly. AI is already seeing increased adoption globally, especially with recent innovations.

Upskilling talent for the AI economy

Businesses around the word continue to invest heavily in AI technology, with the hopes that it can enhance their productivity and efficiency. In Southeast Asia, organizations are hoping AI can also help solve the skills shortage problem in some areas. However, investing in AI solutions alone is not enough. Businesses need to ensure there is a workforce that is skilled and trained in working with AI.

With the rise of AI for businesses — specifically generative AI like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing — Google is making career paths in generative AI more accessible to individuals. Google Cloud is developing seven new generative AI skills development courses available under its Cloud Skills Boost Program. At its core, the learning path helps to develop a solid understanding of the difference between generative AI and other types of AI, how to customize pre-trained generative AI models for use in applications, how to apply AI responsibly, and many more.

After acquiring foundational skills in generative AI, learners can pursue other machine learning (ML) and data science learning paths or industry-recognized IT certifications through the Cloud Skills Boost platform. Thanks to the convenience of online education, Indonesians can now seize the opportunity to build and demonstrate their proficiency in cloud AI skills to prospective employers.

“By making new skilling courses, pre-trained models, developer-friendly tools, and startup support available in Indonesia, Google Cloud is reinforcing its commitment toward empowering organizations of all sizes to deploy generative AI with ease and speed while protecting their data, applications, and users,” says Megawaty Khie, Regional Director for Indonesia and Malaysia at Google Cloud in a press release.

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