Grab Ventures launches Singapore subscription plan for its scooters

Anyone who spends any sort of time in knows about the people on electric scooters that zoom around the city delivering food orders.

To support this cottage industry, Grab Ventures just announced its new subscription for its food delivery-partners across the city-state.

Under the subscription plan, food delivery partners will enjoy unlimited rides on GrabWheels’ e-scooters available at close to 30 pick up or drop off points across the island. They will pay S$75 (US$55.07) per month (or US$2.75 per day if delivery partner works 20 days a month).

The subscription plan allows the delivery partners to pick up and return the e-scooters for their day’s work. Grab Ventures believes that this syncs in well with the nature of their job which brings them to different parts of the island.

“We have seen an increasing number of food delivery service partners who utilise e-scooters as their primary mode of transport. Many of our GrabFood delivery-partners were also interested in a solution that allows them to just focus on their job to deliver food, without having to worry about the cost of purchasing and maintaining a device, as well as its battery life. We thought this is where GrabWheels can help,” said Chris Yeo, Head of Grab Ventures.

Grab, which just concluded its GrabWheels pilot in NUS, said that it provides the riders with complimentary helmets and ask them to complete a checklist to test their knowledge and raise their awareness on the protocols of using the e-scooter upon sign-up.

GrabWheels Beta service was first launched at the National University of Singapore Kent Ridge campus last December. The launch claimed that there were more than 100,000 trips completed to-date, and 96 per cent of NUS students said that they like the alternative transport option to get to classes, hostels, and nearest train stations.

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Delivery partners are able to clock an approximate distance of 40 kilometers on one single charge with the e-scooters.

GrabWheels also allows these delivery partners to return the device to the nearest Grab’s pick up/drop off points when it runs out of battery and pick up another device if they wish to continue with more deliveries for the day. The GrabWheels team will take care of the maintenance and charging of the e-scooters.

Interested food delivery partners can get the GrabWheels Beta app and sign up for the subscription plan via the app.

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