‘Grow with Google’ launched to help Malaysians access digital skills training

Kota Kinabalu: Malaysia launched its nationwide digital upskilling initiative called “ with Google” Friday, to help Malaysians access free-of-charge digital skills , both online and in person, so they can make the most of the digital economy. Google Malaysia Country Head, Marc Woo, said the “Grow with Google” was launched to champion economic opportunities and digital inclusion.
“We want to give Malaysians the chances to learn new digital skills so they can make the most of the digital economy – whether a business owner, entrepreneur, job seeker or a student wanting to make headway.
“We are pleased to be able to expand our digital skills offering and build on our existing local programme,” he said.

He said this is because while digital opportunities for Malaysian businesses and individuals are tremendous, a significant segment still did not feel they possess the necessary skills to make the most of opportunities that come their way.

Woo said the #GrowWithGoogle includes free Google programmes and tools that are available to Malaysians, like the Mahir Digital Bersama Google, which is a series of in-person training workshops to help SMEs succeed in the digital economy. This programme will focus initially on Kuala Lumpur and will expand to other Malaysian cities later this year.
The Android and iOS’ Primer app which coaches anyone who wants to learn new business and digital marketing skills at their own pace and time with more than 200 bite-sized lessons divided into topical modules, he said, adding that a Bahasa Melayu version is in the works and will be available later this year.
Also a freshly updated Google My Business site and app experience, where business owners can manage their presence on Google Search and Maps including creating and hosting a website in minutes, engaging with customers online in real time, and deriving performance insights from their online listings.

A Jobs Search, a brand new feature built directly into Google Search that provides a comprehensive listing of Malaysia-based jobs from multiple job sites, including local partners Jobs Malaysia, Jobstore, Maukerja, and international partners LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Monster.com.
To get the most functionality, job seekers can create job alerts and refine their searches by industry, geolocation and other suitable variables, he said, adding over 260,000 jobs are listed in the corpus at the launch of Jobs Search.
“The Mahir Digital Bersama Google workshop held immediately after the “ with Google” launch in Kota Kinabalu was attended by 100 people representing small and medium businesses from Sabah and Sarawak looking to digitally upskill themselves,” he said.
Woo said since 2017, Google has trained tens of thousands of people across Malaysia through online and in-person training workshops as well as on campus university partner programme.
“There are significant benefits to being upskilled, regardless of where Malaysians are on their respective digital journeys Grow with Google includes sessions on everything from building your CV online, to improving your website or creating a digital marketing plan for your growing business,” he said.
The success of “Grow with Google” is predicated on creating opportunities for all Malaysians to grow their skills, careers and businesses with free tools, training and events by Google Malaysia, he said, adding this is in line with Google’s mission to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

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