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As a newly-built company that needs to move fast in facing the challenges to keep the business on track, cultivating a culture that engages all team members is a must-have startup strategy to identify your brand. That being said, it is crucial to have experienced resource (HR) on board who is capable to help you reach your startup's goals. HR leader plays role as a culture manager as they should design and grow an environment and culture that appeals to potential talent.

Regardless of your company size, having HR department within your organisational structure will help your startup deal with confusion and misunderstanding among team members as well as prevent toxic work environments that could negatively impact employee morale and retention. They will help encourage your employees to give their best performance while giving them reasons to stick around. No wonder, there is no doubt that it is crucial to have an effective HR manager at your startup. Here are some helpful guides to be one:

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Hiring process

Business leader knows the importance of creating an effective strategy for the hiring process, especially at shoestring-budget startup. To attract qualified employees who can meet your expectations and make real contribution to the company, you need an HR manager who is able to create an ideal strategy to each hiring decision, each onboarding process, and each retention strategy in order to find the best people and keep them around long-term. For example, HR manager can find potential talents from LinkedIn or other social media to examine candidate's personal branding and find if it matches with the company's culture, goals, and value. HR leader should also possess ability to develop unique and personalised onboarding program to engage new hires.

Maximise employee value

Nowadays, people are not just looking for a place to work and earn money. Instead, they want to join in an organisation that provides them space to develop and achieve both personal and professional goals. Therefore, your HR manager needs to understand this and maximise each of your employee's value through optimising talent acquisition and management, culture, as well as employee experience. By doing so, you can build a workplace culture that unites all employee and makes sure they get equal opportunity to improve their skills and capability. You should keep in mind that it is important to balance between maximising employee potential and improving business performances that impact your startup growth.

Happy and engaged team

First thing HR manager should do in creating an effective retention strategy that keeps employee happy and engaged at work is analyse employees' personality, culture, value, as well as their personal goals through looking at their education, experience and other personal information. Then, you can boost your employee morale by initiating HR programs that recognise their great performance, encourage and support their professional development, as well as provide the right tools for them to pursue their true passion and skills.

Utilise HR tools

Among the advantages of digitalisation is that it enables the invention of various HR technology that helps the work of an HR manager. HR software tools can help some of the most important HR tasks from recruiting, performance management, employee engagement, to employee training. By utilising the right HR tech, it can help your startup HR leader function more efficiently.

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