Hive Up and Wealth in Asia merge, rebrand as one stop financial platform

SIngapore venture

Seeking to provide a more accessible financial literacy content for audiences in Southeast Asia, Hive Up and in Asia announced their merger into WealthUp. They hope it becomes a one- financial literacy .

The merger brings the content provider and the wealth management service together with the mission to support individuals and enterprises in Asia.

WealthUp will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Privé Technologies, a wealth management technology company in Asia and Europe that has acquired Hive Up and Wealth In Asia.

“Until now, the right tools to lead Asian-based individuals and enterprises to financial freedom has been reserved for high-net-worths. Our vision with WealthUp is to democratise this for all by tapping into Hive Up’s financial literacy resources and Wealth In Asia’s digital platform to efficiently find and connect investors with the right wealth service providers,” said Qiuyan Tian, the Head of WealthUp.

Users will be given access to financial content, advisory matching wealth services and a new line of financial literacy workshops and webinars. The latter can also be optimised for compliance training and continuing education purposes for enterprise clients and their employees.

Tian added that the challenges in financial and wealth management sector remain the heavy and unrelatable jargons in the existing content online.

“We want to bring in an accessible, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand resources to each person to be with them on the wealth-improvement journey,” said Tian.

The workshop and webinar schedule will include topics such as Investing 101, Fundamental Analysis, Bonds, and Options that will serve a community of over 7,000 individuals.

It will continue to utilise Wealth In Asia’s proprietary technology that connects people to an investment advisor based on their individual needs. It will also feature the latest investment news, wealth management ideas, and information, as well as expert insights for consumers to continue to grow their wealth.-

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