How Game Apps That Captivate Kids Have Been Collecting Their Data | Feature

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So, this is pretty much what apps are doing all across the board. The people in the article are just especially alarms because it’s “even happening when are using the phone”. It pisses me off so much when I get an app and it wants access to my device’s location with absolutely no explanation as to why and it wont work unless I turn it on. Alas, so many times I’ve just agreed to it because my desire to use the app outweighed my suspicion toward the devs.

When they started talking about kid’s privacy laws, it made me wonder. I remember when I was a kid we got our first computer when I was 7. Pretty much all the sites required you to be 13 to register. I remember lying about my age all over the internet in order to get anything to work. If kids under 13 aren’t supposed to be using a service, perhaps that violation of the terms of use would free the companies of any responsibilities in terms of child privacy.

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