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A marketplace that aims to reduce the risk of fraud, has a user-friendly interface, and offers a wide array of services

How long have you been working for your current employer?

This is probably a common question being thrown at us by our friends and acquaintances. I, too, have faced this question several times in my career.

I have been working for my current employer for nearly four years. In a normal situation, I would have quit the job two years ago and joined some other company. What made me stay back here is the flexible work environment and the freedom to experiment.

“Flexibility” nowadays is the buzzword in the jobs market. Many professionals prefer jobs with flexible schedules. They want freedom from the extremely typical and exhausting nine-to-five job.

The future looks bright for the gig economy

Companies are fast realising that hiring independent contractors and freelancers, instead of full-time employees, is the way forward. Professionals, too, prefer freelancing jobs; a large number of people are willing to work part-time or temporary positions. As per Investopedia, “those who don’t engage in using technological services such as the Internet tend to be left behind by the benefits of the gig economy”.

It is beyond doubt that gig economy — which refers to a market a labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work — is the future. All companies from time to time use freelance services to get their necessary work to be done as soon as possible. Professionals also prefer remote working or work-from-home option for many reasons. And this has contributed to the strong growth of the freelancing industry.

However, as the freelancing market takes a leap, and with many entrepreneurs already in the same niche, there remains some pressing issues in the industry that must be addressed. For instance, buyers are not assured that they can get their money’s worth of output. Also, they may have to rely on different marketplaces to access various services (from the typical tasks to complex problems). Lastly, the buyers may find themselves navigating through the platform with much difficulty.

These are pain points that Kwork understands and aims to solve in a single platform.

Kwork is the new way to access the freelance market

Kwork is an online store for freelance services which aims to make freelance an effective and enjoyable activity. From website designs to digital marketing, writing & transactions to SEO, and legal consulting to video shooting & editing, the platform has on offer all the necessary services at your disposal.

Essentially, Kwork looks to reduce the risk of fraud in the industry. Every buyer has faced a situation when the seller has just vanished after getting paid for the service done. In the worst case, the buyer is forced to restart the project, leading to further delay. On the flip side, the same may happen to freelancers.  Under the Kwork system, a smooth collaboration is guaranteed between the seller and the buyer. How? For one, you get your money back in case of delay. For another, efficient and responsible freelancers are identified in the catalogues, assuring buyers that they are selecting high quality workers.

Another Kwork stamp is its wide array of services to choose from. Buyers don’t have to jump from one marketplace to another in search for a freelancer. From the typical tasks to the complex problems, Kwork has got you covered.

Lastly, any app user can attest to this: the more user-friendly an interface is, the greater its chances of being utilised over and over. In this aspect, Kwork has ensured that buyers can easily search for services, and that the pricing system is clear from the get-go. This makes ordering easy and without the hassle of long discussions.

The gig economy has been here for a while, but Kwork aims to make it better, safer

There is nothing new under the sun, so they say, but leveling up is the new “new”. This is what Kwork aims to do through its freelance marketplace—cultivate an environment where buyers —

  • are safe from fraud (through its money back guarantee)
  • have easy access to a wide range of services (no need to jump marketplaces),
  • can expect high quality of work (by identifying excellent freelancers),
  • know exactly how much they pay for services (through the system’s clear and reasonable pricing),
  • can save valuable time (through their easy ordering system).

To check out what Kwork has to offer, do visit them at Exclusive to the Tech News community, new users can use the promo code Kwork241270 when signing up. This promo code will be active for 3 days after its activation and gives you an extra USD$5 on your account balance up front.

Here’s to a safer, faster, and easier way to freelance.
Disclosure: This article is produced by Tech News content marketing, sponsored by Kwork.

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