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A group of three entrepreneurs have launched , an innovative hands-free smartphone-linked to open and secure locks.

Smado, which utilises Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, fits with any existing door lock, can be installed without tools, and needs no professional installation, according to the .

Midhun Sankar, CEO and Co-founder of Smado, said: “With our hands-free system, you can stop leaving your key under the mat, or worrying that you left the garage door open as you can remotely open or close it if you forget. You can access all of your smart doors through our app for seamless control from anywhere.”

“Also, you can give friends and family their own door codes, and get a notification whenever they’re used. It is always easy to check the status of your system, control all of your connected devices, and get real-time notifications for any activity you care about at your home,” he explained.

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Key features of the device are:

Hands-free: With Smado opener already connected to a nearby smart device, you don’t have to pull out your phone or touch the door as it connects automatically and opens your door.

Smartphone link: Smado system is secured with a Google login, and you can receive all door lock information directly to your smartphone.

Works with any door lock: Smado fits into any existing door and locks; no need to remove any parts from the existing door while fixing or installing.

Auto lock: The device locks your door automatically after you open it, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it unlocked behind you.

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Angle adjustment: Featuring a 180-degree angle adjustment to enable the Smado door opener to be adapted to work with both swing and slide doors.

Manual door key option: Since Smado opener is installed along with the existing door and locks, you can still use your original key to access your door lock manually.

Long battery life: Smado devices feature longer-lasting lithium batteries and the system sends out a notification when battery levels get low.

The Smado team

Added Sankar: “The idea for this product came out of us living together in a cramped apartment where losing the door key was an ongoing problem. Out of that came the inspiration to develop an automatic lock system. We knew there were many smart locks available in the market, but we were not deterred. That’s when we decided to do something that is unique and different. Smado’s easy to install system is self-explanatory and ensures that everything works from day one.”

Smado has also launched an Indiegogo campaign to spread awareness about the product among consumers and the investment community.

Based in the US and India, Smado was founded in 2014 by Sankar, a serial entrepreneur, along with Ashin AI and Jishnu P. Shankar told Tech News that the startup recently bagged INR 1 crore (US$136,000) from three angels based in India and the UAE.

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