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Bangalore-based startup , which has developed a new-age dating to connect users to trustworthy individuals through friends, has been selected for the Facebook Start () .

FbStart provides startups with free tools and services to help the brand build and grow. Additionally, the startups get -round mentorship from the Facebook team and get connected with an exclusive community of global startups.

With its Bootstrap track, GoGaga founders will be eligible to receive up to US$40,000 in free tools and services from Facebook and dozens of its partners, including Amazon, UserTesting, NameCheap, Animoto, Zendesk and AngelList.

“With the help of FbStart , our mobile app would become more user-friendly coupled with various unique features, thereby making dating trustworthy, fun, safe and relevant for users than ever before,” said Neha Kanodia, Co-founder, GoGaga.

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Launched in 2018, GoGaga helps users find trustworthy and relevant matches through their friends via a two-layer authentication system. Users first like a profile and request their friends to make an introduction. If the mutual friend vets the connection, the two connected individuals can start a conversation. According to the company, this two-layer authentication ensures trust, and with the mutual friend vouching for the connection, adds an interesting fun aspect to dating.

Essentially, GoGaga is a digital equivalent of traditional matchmaking where friends and common connections introduce two singles looking out for prospects. It imitates the way couples meet at schools, universities, workplace, friend’s parties, interest groups, travel, clubs, among others, ensuring high-level trust and extreme relevance.

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The app is available for download on and iOS phones in India, Europe, Mexico, Russia and 18 other countries.

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