Indonesian edtech startup Zenius reportedly raised US$20M from Northstar Group

Indonesia-based edtech platform has raised US$20 million (IDR283 billion) from Group, DailySocial has learned.

Zenius was co-founded by its CEO Sabda PS dan Jerome Polin, and it’s said that PS will become the company’s chairman following the funding. The CEO declined to comment on the matter.

Zenius claimed to be one of the first initiators of edtech startup in the country.

Moving classroom online has been in trend for the past couple of years, with the country seeing names like Zenius’ competition Ruangguru aggressively accelerates its growth and in-country expansion with it being valued at US$7,100, according to DailySocail’s Startup Report 2018.

Recently, Ruangguru has added another segment like Ruangkerja, aimed at employees to have access to Skill Academy, facilitating extracurricular skills improvement for career people.

According to data summoned from Crunchbase, this could be the first funding outside internal fundraising that Zenius has raised.

Zenius was established in 2007 as an online course service targeting all education levels, from elementary school to senior high with public university test prep.

The cost to subscribe to its online course starts from US$12 to US$46 per month. Zenius is said to already have a library of 80,000 educational videos.

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