Indonesian local media Tempo invests in culinary edu startup

Tempo (PT Info Digital), Indonesia's seasoned giant, announced that it has made an undisclosed amount of pre-seed investment in a culinary education The latter provides an online and offline learning platform for 18,000 of its community members with the purpose of educating culinary entrepreneurs. said it will use the funding to further the service and facilities on the platform to educate all Indonesian culinary entrepreneurs 5.6 million of them.

“Both and share a common goal, which is public education,” said Toriq Hadad, the President Director of, during the “Indonesian Foodpreneur: Saatnya Menjadi Raja Kuliner di Negeri Sendiri dan Go Global” (Indonesian Foodpreneur: Time to Become Culinary King in Our Country and Go Global) seminar in Jakarta yesterday.

The new media-focussed investment is said to be a move on's end to solidify its position as a leading online media portal in the country, Hadad added. Before, had invested in PT Rombak Pola Pikir, a new media with animated education channel on YouTube called Kok Bisa, a millennials-targeted travel portal and industry news portal

“Based on a survey, 90 per cent of culinary businesses that just started don't survive. If they do survive, most of them only have one to three food stalls and stop growing, which is what this platform seeks to educate,” said Andrew Rian Pamungkas, CEO

This investment is also praised by Fadjar Hutomo, the Equity Access Deputy of Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (Bekraf). began operation one year ago and on January 2019 just launched its online class program called “Foodizz Class” which managed to acquire 2,500 plus users and 250 paid users within 30 days after launching.

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