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CEO Danu Wicaksana and TCASH (MFS) Lifestyle Head Herman Suharto during the launch of the app

Launching off the new initiative with the hashtag #SemuaBisa, Indonesia-based cashless payment service TCASH expects to increase the number of new customers by 20 per cent by enabling its service to be used by users of mobile operators other than its parent company Telkomsel. The company also announced that it has cancelled plans to spin-off its operations from the state-owned mobile operator.

TCASH CEO Danu Wicaksana stressed that, despite having been available for multi-operator users since June, the company still need to work on socialising the move and improving their services prior to the launch on Tuesday. TCASH is also “aggresively” increasing the number of merchants it is working with to give customers a wider option.

“There has been questions flooding in from merchants about the limitations of TCASH usage to Telkomsel users. Since opening TCASH for users of all operators, we have been receiving positive feedbacks from our new merchants,” Wicaksana said.

Spin-off cancelled

Wicaksana had previously announced TCASH’s plan to spin off from its parent company Telkomsel. The plan is claimed to be able to accelerate the platform’s business growth as a multi-operator payments platform. But today he confirmed that TCASH will not assume its plan to spin-off from Telkomsel.

“TCASH has no plan to stand on its own and leave behind Telkomsel’s authority and legality. For the sake of utilising existing resources, assets, and data, TCASH will continue to be part of Telkomsel,” Wicaksana said.

He also added that despite the cancellation of the spin-off plan, TCASH will continue on implementing an agile company culture as done in many startups.

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Various new features


In addition to payments for Blue Bird taxi services, traditional market purchases, and Pertamina gas stations, TCASH can also be used for payments and cash-in-cash-out services at minimarket chain Indomaret and Alfamart. Other minimarket chains such as Family Mart and Cirlce accepts TCASH for cash-in and payments.

“In the future we will also expand to other services. One of it being the plan to implement our app on feature phones, which are still being widely used in many societies in Indonesia,” Wicaksana said.

Despite having implemented its use for transations, not all merchants are ready to accept payments in QR code. The use of NFC and EDC machines remains popular for the platform.

“Most national merchants are still using EDC machines for payments, but Android smartphone users can activate NFC feature on their phones,” Wicaksana said.

As not all Android devices are completed with the feature, Wicaksana suggested for new users to purchase NFC stickers through TCASH sites.

“This is in line with TCASH’s mission. Not only that we want to encourage people to use cashless payment services, but we would also like to support the government’s programme in promoting a cashless society,” he closed.

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