KL Photography Festival 2020 to go Digital : Open Call

The Kuala Lumpur (KLPF) returns this year with a digital twist. The month-long event will be strictly online this time, in order to comply with current guidelines for public gatherings during the pandemic.

Starting Aug 19, all exhibitions and programmes will be made available on the festival’s Facebook page and its website.

KLPF founder Kim Teoh is confident that the festival will thrive with an online presence.

“Covid-19 came without warning. While its effects and aftermath have been no less than tragic all over the world, it remains our duty as photographers to continue to document humanity and everyday life in these trying times. In fact, maybe it has become even more important for us to do so now because of the coronavirus, ” says Teoh.

This year marks the KLPF’s 24th edition.

In the online format, activities include a silent auction, workshops, dialogues, interviews, seminars and flash sales.

Specially curated virtual events such as the Director’s Choice Exhibition, the Photographic Societies Showcase and the Editor’s Choice: Travel Exhibition, round up the exhibition series.

‘It remains our duty as photographers to continue to document humanity and everyday life in these trying times, ’ says festival founder Teoh.

There will also be a live international event called Festival of the Festivals, where photography festivals from overseas are invited to collaborate with KLPF.

“By linking up with similar events around the world, it is our hope that Malaysian photography will gain greater international recognition, ” says Teoh.

The KLPF started out in 1997 as the Kuala Lumpur Photo Trade Show, the only platform for art and technology exchange in South-East Asia at the time.

In 2005, it was renamed the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival and became a more inclusive event for photographers and photography enthusiasts.

In 2015, the Young Photographers Exhibition Programme was created to introduce students to the world of professional photography.

“It has always been our passion to build and advocate interest in photography as a medium of visual arts. Having taught students all over Malaysia for more than 13 years, I felt it is time that they get a glimpse into the world of professional photography.

“Through their presence at the festival, they will be able to take advantage of our pool of experienced photographers who may inspire them in this field, ” says Teoh.

From now until June 20, photographers are invited to submit entries for the KLPF Annual Photography Exhibition based on the theme “Art Of Cultures”, the Photographer Portfolio Exhibition and the Lockdown Series Exhibition.

Malaysian schools, colleges and universities are invited to apply for admission to the Young Photographers Programme.

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