Lazada Wallet now directly linking with PayMaya Accounts

Lazada customers can now add funds to their Lazada wallets by directly linking their accounts.

With PayMaya, top-ups are credited in real-time, and transactions are instantly reflected in the PayMaya app history. In addition, online shoppers can also enjoy free cash in to their PayMaya e-wallets through PayMaya’s over 90,000 nationwide cash-in touchpoints.

Here’s the process on how to cash in and top-up your Lazada Wallet using your PayMaya e-wallet:

  1. Open your Lazada app and click on the Lazada Wallet Icon at the homepage or click on your Balance in the Wallet section under Account.
  2. Choose Cash-in and enter the amount you want to put in your Lazada wallet.
  3. Tap View All Cash-in Methods and Select PayMaya.
  4. Your browser will redirect you to PayMaya’s log-in page. Enter your account details to log in, and the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  5. Enjoy a one-time linking process of your PayMaya Account for all future transactions by allowing you to link your PayMaya to your Lazada Wallet.
  6. Once you get a confirmation for the account linking, you can proceed with cashing in your Lazada wallet.
  7. A page will show to confirm that your cash in via PayMaya is successful.

After your first successful cash in to your Lazada wallet with PayMaya, you will only need a one-click confirmation to cash in using PayMaya for your next transactions. Note that adding funds to your Lazada wallet using PayMaya is free of charge.

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