CyberSecurity Malaysia embarks on Cyber Security Awareness Benchmark Study

CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) is embarking on a month-long Cyber Security Study aimed at measuring the level of understanding and attitude among young people in regard to the use of digital technology and the Internet.

In a statement today, CSM said the comprehensive study was being carried out with the cooperation of the Education Ministry’s (KPM) Technology and Resource Division and will be supervised by academic researchers from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

It said the study, which is to be done via online questionnaires and interviews, would involve 12,186 schoolchildren and 1,260 parents nationwide as respondents.

The study would focus on students from government-aided primary and secondary schools both in the urban and rural areas, as well as from the national-type schools and special needs schools.

“The objective of the study is to gather information related to cyber security issues that are prevalent among schoolchildren besides measuring the latest on level of regarding cyber security among the students and the parents,” the statement said.

CSM also said the study was also aimed to develop modules and contents related to cyber security and design an approach in preserving and cultivating the importance of cyber security among schoolchildren, teachers and parents.

“It is also to identify the level of schoolchildren’s awareness towards the components of cyber security like cyberbullying, identify theft and hacking activity, and also to identify correlative activities and online habits related to threats and cybercrimes.

“It will also analyse the level of awareness and control measures taken by parents for their children against cyber threats,” it said.

Meanwhile, UUM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Prof Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah said the UUM research team has allocated four weeks for the data collection process based on the pre-determined samples.

“The findings of the study will serve as a basis of planning of activities and contents towards identity building and eventually creating an ethical Malaysian Family in the future,” he added.

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