Maxis collaborates with Team Secret to empower next generation of players

SOUTHEAST Asia has the world's fastest growing e-sports audience in the world, and in Malaysia alone, there is a passionate community of millions. There is no doubt that e-sports in the country has the potential to grow into a force to be reckoned with.

Under Budget 2019, there is an allocation of RM10 million as part of the government's efforts to support to grow this sector. E-sports will be recognised as a medal sport in the coming SEA Games this November. are even pursuing e-sports as full-fledged careers.

is collaborating with Secret, a professional e-sports pro-gaming team and currently the No. 1 Dota 2 team in the world. To this end, has announced that it is the first Malaysian sponsor of Team Secret's all-Malaysian PUBG Mobile team, to help grow Malaysia's e-sports scene to be the top e-sports hub in Asia by empowering the next generation of world-class gamers.

“How truly inspiring it is to see our fellow Malaysians participating at the highest level of e-sports, and the level of passion and enthusiasm demonstrated by the community is tremendous. For Maxis, it made perfect sense to collaborate with Team Secret as it gives us the opportunity to amplify local talents and elevate them to the global stage, and collectively promote the growth of the Malaysian e-sports scene.

With the partnership, players and fans in Malaysia can look forward to cool propositions by Maxis for a superior gaming experience on the No.1 4G Network and on fibre, including the best gaming smartphone bundles with Maxis Zerolution, as well as great value for in-game purchases via Operator Billing for Hotlink, Maxis and ookyo customers.

“Being passionately committed to building the e-sports community, we are thrilled to be venturing into Malaysia as the first market in Southeast. There is tremendous energy and enthusiasm here, and it also happens to represent one of the strongest Team Secret fan bases in the world.

“Seeing great potential in the Malaysian market, we've assembled our talented team of all-Malaysian PUBG Mobile players. We are really excited to be partnering with Maxis and we look forward to developing Team Secret PUBG Mobile together, working towards the goal of cultivating the positive culture that is critical to success in team-based e-sports,” said Team Secret chief executive officer John Yao.

Through the partnership, both Maxis and Team Secret will develop a year-long exclusive and world-class gaming content creation with Team Secret's PUBG Mobile to inspire and cultivate Malaysian gamers to play on the world stage.

Team Secret strives to bring together the best players to compete on the world's biggest stages, putting forth the most entertaining experiences for e-sports fans.

The Team Secret PUBG Mobile team is currently the only Malaysian team qualified for the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019 Spring Global Championship in Berlin, Germany.

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