MDEC embarks on efforts to help SMEs adopt digital technology

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysia Economy Corporation (MDEC) has embarked on various to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) adopt digital tools such as remote working, e-commerce and payment-related operations.

Its business digital adoption director Muhundhan Kamarapullai said is also reinforcing the importance of digital marketing amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

“Additionally, is assisting SMEs invest in digitalisation by connecting them to capable technology service providers and funds, thereby increasing awareness of the funds available,” he said in a webinar entitled ‘SME Unplugged Part Six: 100 Go Digital Series’, today.

Muhundhan said increased customer demand would drive more SMEs to look for effective connectivity for faster, cheaper and better engagements with customers and vendors, as more customers were getting used to online activities like ordering and purchasing of goods and services during the MCO.

“Those fastest to adopt digitalisation will thrive with better reach and understanding in terms of business analytics,” he said in regard to the changing the business landscape.

He said mid-term challenges for SMEs entailed adapting to the new normal such as access to digital skills or resources, as well as talent retention and reskilling.

Some key concerns facing SMEs are reduced sales, cash flow and access, current and future customers, and supply chain disruption, he added.

Moving forward, Muhundhan said MDEC’s ultimate aim is to strive for a digital adoption policy promises various benefits such as a streamlined workforce, reduced costs, automated business processes, improved revenue, and increased customer or employee satisfaction.

Meanwhile, National Heart Institute (IJN) group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Dr Azhari Yakub shared his views on the opportunity seized by the institute to remain agile and to provide high-quality services for its patients during the MCO.

He said the IJN initiated innovative efforts to maintain customer satisfaction such as connecting with the patients via social media, as well as introducing home-delivery medication to them.

There is a disruption in IJN’s customer operations since the MCO started, he said, adding that: “There is limitation on physical appearance, hence, we are using our digital platform to connect with them (patients).”

“Now people also are cost-sensitive for treatment and alternatively, we will be introducing a package that is as low priced as possible for our patients,” he said.

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