MDEC signs declaration of corruption-free pledge with MACC

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation () today signed the Declaration of Corruption-Free Pledge with Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), reaffirming its commitment towards creating an agile and transparent organisation practicing a high level of corporate governance.

The pledge, led by its chairman Dr Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff (pic) and CEO Surina Shukri, was taken together with all the senior management and staff at the headquarters in Cyberjaya in the presence of Azam Baki, Chief Commissioner of MACC.

’s pledge today marks a very important milestone as it reaffirms our steadfast resolve in reinventing the agency into a high-performance entity, free from corrupt practices and abuse of power. It sets the tone in promoting integrity and good governance at all levels, ensuring that we stay on course towards realising Malaysia 5.0, enabling a people-first society in the age of 4IR technology, leading to shared prosperity for all,” said Rais.

“MDEC is committed to the highest level of integrity, transparency and good governance in the conduct of its operations. Today’s pledge reiterates our fight against all forms of corruption, staying true to our ‘Reinvent’ mission and accelerating our efforts to achieve the goals stated in the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDigital),” said Surina.

The Declaration of Corruption-Free Pledge is a promise made voluntarily on an individual capacity, by an organisation and its employees to ensure pledgers who signed will be more responsible in conducting their duties and to abstain from any corrupt activities during their holding of office.

It also sends a clear signal that the organisation and its employees will not commit corrupt acts, and will work towards creating an operating environment that is corruption-free including in its interactions with business partners and the Government.

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