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As a human resource leader, it is vital for you to understand the importance of motivating for your workforce. Basically, human needs motive to make a move, reasons that influence and encourage them to do certain things. At the workplace, this also applies when it comes to employee's motivation in doing their job. Having highly engaged and motivated employee in the team will help the organisation  run effectively and achieve business goals successfully. While low motivation will lead to poor performance, high motivation will drive your employee to give their best performance.

Owing to this reason, your company should conduct regular employee development that aims to pump up  employee motivation and increase productivity. But you need to know that motivation is something that comes from within and inside of us but can be influenced by outside factors as well. Then, you need to improve your ' self-motivation that will encourage them to do great performance, by facilitating a self-improvement program that helps them reach their goals. So, what kind of self-improvement program companies should conduct to help their employee? Here are some meaningful guides for you before running a self-improvement program:

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Sharing session

Sharing can be a great medium to know more about your employee. By digging up their personality and personal goals, you will find what they need from the company to develop their potential skills and knowledge. Then, you can plan particular activities or programs that help your employee reach their self growth. This will boost their motivation to keep up their good performances at work as they feel responsible to serve well to the company that gives them an opportunity to grow their individual as well as professional self.

Understand the obstacles

Each employee has their own problems that might differ from one another. Those problems can be an obstacle for them from having strong motivation to do their best. At this point, you need to understand what the obstacles are and find the solution to address them. For example, when one of your employees feels that he cannot make use of his skill and knowledge optimally in his current job role, you should pay attention to find his real potential so there will be no bottlenecks that cause inefficiencies.

Communication is a must

Communication is a crucial tool to achieve mutual understanding between a company and its employees that affects directly on employee morale and confidence. By communicating every single information your employee need to know about, there will be no absence of information that will leave your employees getting confused and frustrated. You can also give rewards and express recognitions on your employees' achievements, such that it will improve their motivation as it is one of the most fundamental human needs.

Set new goals

Organisation keeps evolving year by year and changes business priorities. Therefore, you can regularly talk about what progress the company and employees are making toward the year-end goals. By creating new employee goals that adjust with company goals, it will bring fresh motivation that will drive your employee to work effectively in accordance with company's mission.

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