Pakistan Ranked Among Bottom 5 Countries in Huawei Global Connectivity Index

’s annual Global Connectivity Index (GCI) has placed Pakistan among the ‘Starters’ with the other two clusters being the ‘Frontrunners’ and ‘Adopters’.

The categories are defined based on the countries’ scores on factors such as ICT investment, ICT maturity, and digital economic performance. Out of the 79 countries, Pakistan has fared extremely poorly, scoring 27 out of 120, and ranked at 76th spot – one spot below its previous ranking on the index. India is ranked at 65th place with 34 points.

Pakistan’s still scores low in the GCI indicators that measure the supply side. Investment in IT, telecoms, and bandwidth all score just 2 points, far below the global average this year. Internet penetration remains low, with the volume of mobile broadband services exceeding the fixed broadband sector.

“Smartphone penetration continues to increase, and user experience metrics in terms of customer services have improved this year”, the report further added.

It also appreciated the government’s efforts towards digital transformation, adding:

The country has been pursuing an aggressive IT policy, aimed at boosting Pakistan’s drive for economic modernization. Of special significance has been the administration’s provisioning of e-government services.

The list is topped by the United States with 85 points, followed by Switzerland and Sweden at second and third with 83 and 81 points respectively.

Here are the top 10 countries on Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index:

Rank Country GCI Score
1 United States 85
2 Switzerland 83
3 Sweden 81
4 Singapore 78
5 Denmark 75
6 Japan 75
7 Finland 75
8 Norway 74
9 United Kingdom 74
10 Netherlands 74

Pakistan is unfortunately placed in the 10 and the only countries ranked below are Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Here are the bottom 10:

Rank Country GCI Score
70 Botswana 30
71 Ghana 29
72 Kenya 29
73 Bangladesh 28
74 Namibia 28
75 Nigeria 27
76 Pakistan 27
77 Tanzania 24
78 Uganda 24
79 Ethiopia 23

Pakistan scored below the global average on almost all factors.


Below are Pakistan’s individual scores on all 40 indicators coming under categories such as ‘Demand’, ‘Supply’, ‘Experience’ and ‘Potential’ which were used to gauge the performance of a country:

The index is indicative of the fact that Pakistan needs to step up its efforts for digital transformation.


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